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Professional Land Surveyor:  



Miscellaneous Information

A. Application for Licensure by Comity

All applicants for licensure in North Carolina are required to file an application for licensure, complete with reference recommendations, Board examination, and educational transcripts. Applicants for licensure by comity from another state are also required to submit the complete application along with the license fee. Those applicants who have obtained licensure in another state having equivalent requirements for licensure as North Carolina, including 16 hours of written examination, and who are currently licensed in good standing in that state, may be granted licensure North Carolina upon verification of the record, and approval by the North Carolina Board.

The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) offers a service of maintaining and verifying certain records of Professional Engineers, to include the record of qualification and licensure in various states. The North Carolina Board will accept the verified NCEES Council Record, if current, in lieu of completion of certain portions of the North Carolina application form. Those persons having their NCEES Council Record forwarded to the North Carolina Board should include a letter so stating upon submission of the application. If a valid NCEES Council Record is submitted, reference recommendations and education transcripts will not be required. In addition, only the following sections of the North Carolina application form must be completed:

Section A (including picture),

Signature only at bottom of Section C and Section F affidavit, and

Board exam answer sheet

B. Licensee's Seal

Upon approval for licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor in North Carolina, each person is required to obtain a Seal of the design authorized by the Board, showing the licensee's name and license number. Each licensee is required by the provisions of the law to possess and use that seal on all final drawings, plans, specifications, and reports performed by the licensee. The licensee is prohibited from sealing any engineering work not done under the licensee's responsible charge (direct control and personal supervision).

C. Licensure Certificate and Pocket Card

Each Professional Land Surveyor will receive a Certificate of Licensure upon approval for licensure by the Board of Examiners. The Certificate should be suitably displayed to signify that the person so named thereon is authorized to practice engineering in the State of North Carolina. If a Certificate expires or is revoked, it should no longer be displayed.

License renewal is required each year. Licensure expires at the end of each year, and is normally renewed upon request of the applicant, payment of the annual renewal fee, and evidence of satisfactory completion of continuing professional competency requirements. A renewal notice is mailed to each licensee about the middle of November each year for completion and filing with the Board. However, license renewal may be affected without the renewal notice by addressing a request and submitting the required fee directly to the Board. A pocket card indicating the licensee's renewal, for the licensee's signature and convenience of identification as a Professional Land Surveyor, is furnished each licensee.

D. Licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor

North Carolina Statutes authorize general licensure as a "Professional Land Surveyor" and the Board does not license in a specific discipline. The Professional Land Surveyor is required to practice surveying within the licensee's own area of competence. If the competence of a Professional Land Surveyor is challenged, by complaint or otherwise, the Board of Examiners will make a determination in the matter.

E. Conviction of a Felony

Conviction of a felony without restoration of civil rights, or the revocation or suspension of the license of a Professional Engineer or Professional Land Surveyor by another jurisdiction, if for a cause which in the state of North Carolina would constitute a violation of Chapter 89C of the General Statutes or of these rules, shall be grounds for a charge of violation of these rules.





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