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Board Address
All correspondence and requests for information or application forms should be addressed to:

North Carolina Board of Examiners
for Engineers and Surveyors
4601 Six Forks Rd., Suite 310
Raleigh, North Carolina 27609

Telephone Number (919) 791-2000
Fax Number (919) 670-3606

Contacts and Email Addresses

Andrew L. Ritter, Executive Director

Nicole Scarborough, Director of Administration

David S. Tuttle, Board Counsel

Mark D. Mazanek, Director of Business Licensure & Compliance

David J. Evans, Assistant Executive Director

Cora Houston - Assistant to the Director and Board Counsel

William P. Casey, Board Investigator

Cathy W. Nicholson, Board Investigator

Clyde Alston, Board Investigator

Tina Curran, Board Investigator

Martha Michalowski, Continuing Professional Competency / Investigations Administration

Laura Parham, Engineering, Surveying Applications and Certifications

Stephanie Bryant, Administrative Assistant

Chimene Link, Renewals

Dawn Taylor, Administrative Assistant