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Non-Exempt Sole Proprietorship Licensure Instructions  



North Carolina General Statute 89C-24 requires all sole proprietorships practicing or offering to practice engineering and/or land surveying in a name other than the licensees name as reflected in the Board’s records to obtain licensure with the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers & Surveyors. Firm licensure is required in addition to the individual professional’s license.
If the licensee is a land surveyor and his name in the Board records is “John B. Licensed” then he may operate as “John B. Licensed, PLS”, “John B. Licensed, Land Surveyor”, “John B. Licensed Mapping Services” or “John B. Licensed & Associates.” No additional firm licensure is required.

If the licensee is operating as “Licensed Land Surveyors” or “Licensed Mappers” “Licensed Mapping Services” then the firm must license with the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Engineers & Surveyors as a Non-Exempt Sole Proprietorship.

Application for Licensure as a Non-Exempt Sole Proprietorship

1. Complete the Business Firm Application.

2. Mail or email the Business Firm Application to the Director of Business Licensure & Compliance to the address on
the application cover sheet or email to the email address Along with the application provide the
$100.00 Application fee made payable to the NC Board of Examiners or provide a completed Credit Card
Information Sheet attached to the application..

Business Firm Application



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