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DO NOT use these instructions or application if the corporation or limited liability company was incorporated or organized after June 5, 1969. The corporation or limited liability company must qualify as a professional corporation or professional limited liability company.

North Carolina General Statute 55B-15(a)(1), provides an exception for corporations or limited liability companies incorporated or organized prior to June 5, 1969, if evidence can be provided that the firm was practicing or offering to practice the specified service prior to June 5, 1969. Typically, the firm can provide the required evidence by supplying a copy of the original Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization dated prior to June 5, 1969 that specifies the service was being offered or performed. If the Articles do not specify the specific service then a work sample, if applicable, dated prior to June 5, 1969 can be provided.

Application for Licensure as a Foreign Business Corporation (Pre-69 Corporation)
  1. Complete the Business Firm Application. NOTE: Check the box labeled Business Corporation in Section III and list the incorporation date and state in Section IV.
  2. Complete the North Carolina Secretary of State Form B-09 (Application for Certificate of Authority). NOTE: Numbers 5-7 of this form ask for Registered Office information. While the NC Board of Examiners for Engineers & Surveyors does not require a firm to maintain an office in the State of North Carolina, the NC Secretary of State does require that each firm maintain a NC Registered Agent with a NC address where civil correspondence, subpoenas, etc. can be delivered to on behalf of the company. There are many National Companies that offer this service (see Related Forms).
  3. Mail or email the Business Firm Application to the address on the application cover sheet or to Along with the application, provide a copy of Form B-09 and the $100 application fee made payable to the NC Board of Examiners or provide a completed Credit Card Information Sheet attached to the application. Keep the original of Form B-09 to file with the NC Secretary of State after the application is approved by this office.
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